A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Allpack.co is a driving arcade video game where you will be Packo, the new worker in Allpack Company, a first mile delivery company of Llama City.

Every morning you will receive the map with the deliveries of that day, and you will have to bring the packages to their destination. You must distribute all packages on time, indicated by a countdown that starts at the beginning of the day. Each level will represent a different day, which means a lot of packages to deliver everyday.

This game has as main references Crazy Taxi and Simpsons: Road Rage.

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Our Team

Allpack.Co is a university project made in 3 months by Dust Games, whose members are:




Allpack.co_Windows_v1.1.zip 219 MB
Allpack.co_Linux_v1.0.zip 236 MB
Allpack.co_Mac_v1.0.app.zip 229 MB

Install instructions

Download the ZIP, extract it and execute Allpack.co file.

Development log


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This game is a blast!  I just finished my first play session with it, but it hooked me already. :)


my driving skills are top notch :)

The game is very laggy to me on linux, could you make the graphics more costumizable? I would love to see a quality setting. 

Great game tho


I had a good time, keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more.

Good for having some fun, i guess!


Will this be coming to linux? Good Game non the less!

We have been busy with other deliveries (not from our game sadly) but we do want to export the game to mac and linux too around this early week. Stay tunned :)

Indeed, it was early this week, we have just updated the game to linux and mac ^^. Hope it works correctly!


Thank you! Love the game